Daniel Greenx – I See I Feel

  • Posted on: September 14, 2015
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Daniel Greenx – I See I Feel


Daniel Greenx

I See I Feel

Annunaki Records


A man well known in Annunaki’s homefront, Daniel Greenx, comes forward with a record inspired by his very own lifechanging experience appropriately titled I See I Feel.

The two tracker kicks off with the first tune sharing the EP’s name and boy it’s quite a ride. Minimalistic atmosphere is enhanced with several pads, smart use of filters & reverbs all wrapped up in a crisp clear trademark sound that Greenx always brings to the table.

But the best is saved for last. Systems step up the ante and traverses to a darker place with thumping techno groundwork, flying fx sounds and haunting ambience stabs. The drop escalates through chords and tunnel echos, painting a darker picture of sonic energy.
If you look closely you will definitely feel Anunnaki has another techno ace in its sleeve.