LxS – Rattle

annudigi011 - Rattle EP - 500x500


Artist: LxS

Title: Rattle

Cat.No: annudigi011

Genre: Techno

Release date: 23 February, 2016

STEMS also available

supported by: Sasha Carassi, Roberto Clementi, Tomy DeClerque, Beltek, Boriqua Tribez, Daniel Greenx…



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The headliner of Anunnaki realm returns to the throne ratlling with a brand new record, recreating a special sonic stage yet again.

Sensus greets your senses delightfully right from the starting pad, cleverly panned and filtered to create that sweet oldschool (ware)house vibe, when a rolling bassline swoops down in unison. Walking on the edge between house and tech, it never falls over and carries those nostalgic grooves proudly right to the all-in drop laced with complementing filtered vocals, just to emerge once again with alluring demeanour.

On the flip side we get the more distinctive LxS mark, as he Rattles about the stereo space with pounding samples of grit percussion, dirty snares, distorded stabs and an occasional vertigo vox. If Sensus is the perfect choice for starting your set, regardles of your style preference, then Rattle is a monster of a tune best to blasted at peak hours waking up the dead. We’re all about clever sound design here at our Anunnaki studios, and if these two cheeky numbers won’t Rattle your cages, few things out there ever will.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00Lk5foRxZs
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