Tomy DeClerque – Ruis (Remixes)

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Tomy DeClerque – Ruis (Remixes)

Remixes by: Unique CRO, Reakson, Daniel Greenx, Dj PsiHo aka Ai.Ron


Tomy DeClerque – Ruis (Remixes)

Artist: Tomy DeClerque

Title: Ruis

Cat.No: annudigi014

Genre: Techno

Label: Annunaki Records

Release date:  12. May, 2017

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One of the best and most successful releases in Annunaki’s discography was just calling out to be remixed by our label’s wizards.

The imprint boss Ai.Ron and his disciple Daniel Greenx joined their wands and infused the original with pure dark magic going right down to the edge of the sub frequencies, panning the stage with eerie sonic lines, effects and quirky drones that traverse both mind & body relentlessly.

From the other side of the abyss Reakson ascends with his trademark proggy tech concept of shifting Ruis into something lighter, yet even more exciting. Foot way down on the floor of the four, he is rolling out seamlessly, while all sorts of clever percussion work and subtle grooves intertwine and overpass the anticipating listener, wanting ever more.

However, the technofun doesn’t stop there. Another prodigal son returns to Annunaki sanctuary. He naturally bares audio gifts in the form of the last remix on the record with slightly mellow and delayed chord progressions, a brilliant breakdown carrying utopian ambient pads, haunting sirens all laced with solid foundation of effectively laid out drum patterns. An insightful and appropriate way to wrap the record in eclective  and conceptual manner, this volume will appeal to a broad range of DJs across the spectrum.

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