Unique – Take it

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Unique (CRO) – Take it


Unique (CRO)

Take it

Annunaki Records


Unique, a DJ & producer from our neighbouring Croatia joins the ranks of Annunaki people with a two tracked journey bearing substantial groove and funk orientation. 

The record starts off with a hint of an upcoming summer breeze, as the techy stabs, filtered house vocals and soulful hook usher in a hypnotic bass line that wraps the tune up into solid stomper, covered with tight breakdowns containing sexy percussion fillers. Fill It up!

The story continues with a slightly deeper tone, traversing into techno teritory with its looped pad taking no prisoners, as the snares rain upon the listener. The funk however is still everpresent and the structure does not yield, as the acid lead enters the room and brings about alluring female voices & clever drum work to further accentuate this scorching EP, clearly welcoming that everybody’s favourite season of the year.Take It slowly and with care 😉

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